Male Enhancement

Men Health! How Male Enhancement Pills Work? Any Bad Effects?

Male Enhancement

The internet is full of websites that claim to enhance the length and girth of your manhood by offering anything from pills to penis extenders. Do these therapies, however, work?

Men’s concerns about their penis size have created a multibillion-pound worldwide market of clinically dubious “Male Enhancement products.”

While many guys are concerned that their penis is too tiny, research reveals that the majority of men’s penises are normal and that they need not be concerned. Professor Kevan Wylie, a sexual medicine expert, advises men who are concerned about their penis size to see a health expert before attempting useless, costly, and perhaps dangerous therapies.

“Many guys who are concerned about the size of their penis are also concerned about their entire body image,” he explains. “What occurs is that they prefer to blame their low self-esteem on their penis.”

“Counseling may often make a significant impact in a patient’s life by boosting self-esteem, correcting erroneous body image perceptions, and learning more about what makes individuals beautiful.”

What Are Male Enhancement Pills?

Male Enhancement pills are frequently mislabeled as nutritional supplements on the market today. They promise to improve blood flow to the penis in order to make an erection last longer. They also promise to increase arousal, stamina, and performance in general.

Many male enhancement pills contain ashwagandha, maca root, Yohimbe extract, and black ginger extract, among other natural components.

Individually, these ingredients have been shown to boost energy and libido while lowering stress. According to a Trusted Source study from 2016, black ginger extract improved physical fitness and muscle endurance. Despite the fact that the research was done on mice.

Are Male Enhancement Pills Effective?

When it comes to sexual fulfillment, the major question is whether or not size matters. Depending on who you ask. Women frequently remark that size is less significant than how a man utilizes his penis and if he succeeds in other parts of sex. In reality, according to UCLA researchers, just 14 percent of women wish their partner’s penis was larger, while 84 percent are “extremely pleased” with its size. The size of a man’s penis is directly related to his self-image and self-esteem. Anxiety-induced erectile dysfunction is more common in men who are self-conscious about the length or girth of their penis. Take a look at the study if you’re concerned that your penis is too tiny.

The average length of a flaccid penis is slightly over 3.6 inches, according to research published in the British Journal of Urology International (BUJI). According to the same study, the average length of an erect penis is a little over 5 inches. In a separate, smaller study, researchers polled women on their penis size preferences and discovered that the women’s choices were only marginally bigger than the norm for a long-term relationship.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a bit more from your sexual life. However, if you’re anxious about the size of your penis, you generally have nothing to be concerned about. We’ve dug deep into the topic of male enhancement to see what it is, how it works, and what alternatives are available. We’ve also included some helpful hints for selecting and using Male Enhancement supplements.

Side Effects

The Food and Drug Administration does regulate some supplements, like prescription medicines. As a result, you can be certain what’s in them or that the components are pure. Some “Male Enhancement” pills may include traces of PDE5 inhibitors (medications that act like Viagra and Cialis), which can be harmful if used in excess or if you have a medical condition that prevents you from using them.

Last Thoughts

It’s important to remember that science-backed, FDA-approved medicines with decades of clinical studies and medical research behind their proven efficacy are always your best choice. To get started, schedule a free ED consultation online or go through our variety of online ED treatment alternatives. Above all things, though, you should discuss your worries with your spouse. It might be tough to bring up such a sensitive issue with your partner, but having an open and honest talk with them might help you find the spark you’ve been seeking in your sexual connection.

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